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Week 3 Readings Discussion

Please take some time to look at Queens Memory Project, especially the Name Explorer and Podcast parts of the site for ideas on how to have students interact with neighborhoods and oral histories in different ways. Below are the other two readings Natalie Milbrodt will discuss:

  • Sommer, B. W., Mackay, N., & Quinlan, M. K. (2013). Project Design. (3). In B. W. Sommer, N. Mackay, & M. K. Quinlan (Eds.), Community Oral History Toolkit Vol. 2: Planning a Community Oral History Project. (pp. 43-56). New York, NY: Routledge. (link in comments)

This will go over the steps for how to plan an oral history project while keeping in mind transparency and future access
  • Caswell, M., Douglas, J., Chow, J., Bradshaw, R., Mallick, S., Karthikeyan, N., Jules, B., Solis, G., Field, J., Robinson, M. D., Gonzales, P., Rodriguez, K. K., Saldaña Perez, J. A., & Robinson-Sweet, A. (2021). “Come Correct or Don’t Come at All:” Building More Equitable Relationships Between Archival Studies Scholars and Community Archives. UCLA. (https://escholarship.org/uc/item/7v00k2qz )

This reading goes in depth on how to ethically conduct community oral history projects. It is especially focused on maintaining community ownership over their own histories and experiences.

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